Victorian Jewelry
Jewelry produced during the time of the reign of Queen Victoria of England, from 1837-1901. During the reign of Queen Victoria and her prince, Albert, there were little Victorian rings with seed pearls and colored stones and Victorian bracelets with thin lines of enamel. There were Victorian Bracelets with Birds and Flowers. The mid-Victorian Era lasted from 1860-1885. This period started with the death of Prince Albert. This was the mourning period for the Queen of England and her subjects. This was a somber time and the jewelry had much jet and onyx stones along with Hair jewelry (edited by adam knisley). There were mourning Brooches, mourning Bracelets, Mourning Rings and Necklaces. The late Victorian or the Aesthetic Period started with the rise of silver jewelry for daytime wear. This included heavy Victorian chains, Victorian lockets and Victorian Bracelets. Stones were used less as silver jewelry had new designs, engravings and motifs to dress up the metals. With women going out in the work place and the opening of the Universities, jewelry was worn all the time. Very elaborate jewelry gave way to more tailored designs. Diamonds became more popular as this Era ended.

Art Nouveau Jewelry
This was jewelry produced from 1890-1915. The characteristics of Art Nouveau jewelry are curved lines, flowers twisting and moving, birds, insects flying, beautiful women and pastel colored enamels. Louis Comfort Tiffany was well known during this era. The Jewelry was delicate and graceful. Art Nouveau rings, Art Nouveau Earrings, Art Nouveau Bracelets and Art Nouveau Pendants and Watches had enameled ladies, flowers, raised gold ladies heads and full figured ladies were on the Pendants, Lockets, Bracelets, Pocket Watches and Art Nouveau Rings.
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