Question: Do you have a layaway plan?
Answer: Yes, we do offer a 60 day layaway plan.
  1. Simply add the ring sizing if any and postage charges to the cost of your purchase
  2. Divide the total by 3.
  3. Date all of your checks.
  4. The first check will be dated 5 days from today. The second check will be dated 30 days later and the last check will be dated 60 days from the first check.
  5. Send all the checks to us in one envelope, arriving 5 days after you make the commitment with us to purchase the item.

Question: What is my ring size?
Answer: Click here to measure your ring size.
Question: What does Antique style mean?
Answer: Style means "in the style of", but not from that period.
Question: How will my jewelry be shipped?
Answer: We ship priority & insured to $300. We ship UPS 3 day over $300. We can ship 2 day air & overnight.
Question: How long does it take to size a ring?
Answer: 7 days maximum and 2 day Rush.
Question: How much do you charge for sizing?
Answer: Silver-$10; Gold-$20- Extra over 2 sizes; Platinum-$30-Extra over 2 sizes; FOR RUSH JOBS - Gold-$40-Extra over 2 sizes; Platinum-$60-Extra over 2 sizes
Question: Does the item come with an appraisal?
Answer: Items over $1,000 come with an appraisal
Question: What is GIA or EGL certified?
Answer: This is a diamond that has been appraised by an independent Gem Lab. The stone was removed from the mounting for the appraisal.
Question: Do you take Credit Cards?
Answer: We do accept credit cards and checks in the USA. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards from our international customers. We do accept wire transfers, cashier checks, & International money orders.
Question: What credit cards do you accept?
Answer: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express
Question: How long do checks take to clear?
Answer: That depends on the bank. We do not know. Sometimes 2 weeks or more. It is better to go to your bank and get a cashier's check.
Question: Do I pay tax?
Answer: Only residence of the state of Arizona pay our sales tax of 5.6%
Question: Are your stones real?
Answer: All our gemstones in our gold and platinum collection are natural stones from the earth. Our stones in our marcasite collection are usually man made but some of the rings over $40 are usually natural stones.
Question: What is the bargain table?
Answer: It is items taken from our regular stock and discounted to be sold quickly
Question: When do you charge my account?
Answer: Your account is not charged until the item is ready to be shipped or ready to be sized. In a custom order it is when we begin to make the piece.
Question: How long do special orders take?
Answer: Wedding bands that just need to be made in a different size take about 2-3 weeks. Intricate bands need 4-6 weeks.
Question: What is the cost of shipping and insurance outside the US including the exchange rate and import takes to my country?
Answer: Please email us and we will give you the converted US currency rate for your country and the cost for shipping and insurance.

Questions? Contact us at 1-888-299-2220
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