Marcasite is the white form of "Iron Pyrite". You all know the "Yellow Iron Pyrite" is referred to as Fool's Gold. The Swiss began using Marcasite in the late 1700's to replace Diamonds that were forbidden by Sumptuary Laws. Both Marcasite and cut steel were used in the Georgian Period too. The English masses could not afford Diamond Jewelry so they used Marcasite as a Diamond substitute. Marcasite was much better because it took a higher shine and it did not rust like the cut steel. During our history, Marcasite has often been used as a substitute for diamonds because of cost and availability (edited by adam knisley). During World War I, it was used again. Our Marcasite Jewelry is made from Anqtique Designs and old molds. I have also seen rings with Diamonds and colored stones copied into the Marcasite Jewelry Designs. The items on our Website are Sterling Silver and made with high grade Marcasite. The items are hand assembled and the stones are hand set. Even though this jewelry is made today from the Antique Styles, the items are limited and few styles are made again with new styles coming out all the time. Some of the Marcasite watches are made from old Art Deco Styles. You will enjoy the fine workmanship of these detailed pieces.
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