This was a combination of some of the Edwardian Jewelry as it was very intricate and very fine detailed work in Platinum and diamonds and later in White Gold and Diamonds. Filigree Rings, Filigree braceletes, Filigree Watches, and Filigree earrings, all captured the delicate, lacy look. White Gold, alloyed with nickel or silver took off around 1915 and many pieces of jewelry were mass produced in the filigree style. The diamond look was more enhanced in bezels and prongs of Platinum, and White Gold. The diamonds sparkled and their brilliance stood out (by adam knisley). The Jewelry became more elegant and showy as the stones were woven into the delicate gold and Platinum mountings. Best of all, unlike siler that was used to mount diamonds in the Georgian and Victorian periods, the gold did not tarnish and make the diamonds look grey. Foiled back diamonds were also out.

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